NEW Student Award

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Pinellas County grades 9-12 are eligible with copy of report card of semester ending Dec 2018. For Pinellas County Home Schooled Grades 9-12 please enter letter of recommendation from your educator.

Code for students (free entry):


LIMIT HAS BEEN INCREASED TO UP TO 5 IMAGES FOR STUDENTS. To submit less than 5 images, submit blank white images.

Images must be original art by the applicant. Image must be created after January 1st 2018. Photography created prior to January 1st 2018 is not applicable.



Special Instructions


Enter CaFÉ at Create an artist profile by clicking ARTIST SIGN UP. Enter the information for your new profile. You are welcome to explore the CaFÉ website and preview other Call to Artists posted for exhibitions across the country.

Once you have a Profile, enter the Call To Artists (click here). Or search ‘Files & Film’ on the CaFÉ website under ‘Find Calls’.

Artists add art submission images to their profile on the ‘My Portfolio’ tab. You will be directed to this page while applying, or you may enter your images before you start applying. Please read this page from start to finish before applying. Enter the height and width as 11 x 14 or 14 x 11 depending on if your image is horizontal or vertical. You may enter any number for Price/Value. Student Art will not have a price on the tag. In the DESCRIPTION of your images please list what photography format your artwork is in.

For example:

digital dslr photography

cell phone image


instant film

polaroid transfer

mixed media, digital image on canvas with various layers of objects in medium coating on top

cyanotype print

Once you have completed your submission, click checkout. Enter the code for free entry. Limit of 5 entries per student. Artists are not required to meet the minimum entry of 5 images. To submit less than 5 images, please enter blank white images until you have a total of 5 images. If a student adds more than 5 images and pays the additional media fee, the additional images will not be judged and there are no refunds.


Files & Film reserves the right to decline artwork that does not follow the Presentation Requirements. Students do not follow the same presentation requirements as general Artists in Files & Film listed in the Call to Artists on Cafe. Selected Student Artists will receive further instructions at time of acceptance.


Photo prints must be matted as follows. Outer dimension 11 x 14. No double matting. Print Size can be any size as long as it fits to a mat. The print must be hinge mounted to a foam core or mat board backing. No cardboard is permitted.


All Student Art final dimension must be 11 x 14 or less and no greater than 1.5 in depth. We will work with artists in this medium to help meet presentation requirements.

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