2020 Call for 2D and 3D Sculpture, Installation, and Motion Art

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Files & Film wants you to get inspired! Think outside of the frame. Photography is not just an image – photography is a material. There is no limit to what photographic art can be at Files & Film.  We want to include the broader possibilities of photographic art beyond prints in frames within our exhibition. If you are a photographic artist working outside of the frame, outside of the rectangles and squares, we hope to hear from you. If you’re an artist that wants to experiment, wants to try something new, Files & Film wants your submission!

***The RULES are the same. All photography MUST be yours, created after Jan 1, 2018. There must be an element of photography (by the artist) within the work. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SUBMITTING INSTALLATION please email Xina at filesandfilm@gmail.com before you submit to make sure we can accommodate the space you would need.

INTERACTIVE!? Contact Xina at filesandfilm@gmail.com.

QUESTIONS? Contact Xina at filesandfilm@gmail.com.

Special consideration will be given to unique innovative art outside of the print in a frame.

Resources for inspiration:
Google search Photography Sculpture (Images)

Google search Photography Installation (Images)

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