There are many ways leaders in the arts are taking their work into virtual platforms. I thought about options for about a week. Creating an Instagram, agreeing to post an artist a day for 2 months (yes, we booked 57 artists this year), or creating a long uninteresting portfolio page on the website.

But that was all just too boring for me. In my family – when you refer to a Scuderi – you are saying things are built very strong, very detailed, to the extreme. We mostly use it as a joke about all the home pieces and artworks we have of my father’s in our house. It became to be a joke about me as well – ‘built like a Scuderi’.

I decided to turn the exhibition into a magazine on A 106 page magazine! Lol. I could’ve spent less time. I was furloughed from my day job though. I slowly nailed away at it, building the elements, the layouts, staring at it. Updating it hundreds of times.

The magazine format is a showcase of my talents as well. I am the leader of the group every year. This is my project and I do the very best I can every year because (if your not familiar with Files & Film) the show is never guaranteed another year! It’s always on brink of extinction in my opinion. As St. Petersburg develops it is harder and harder to get a gallery to accept 50-65 photographers to come in who bring 500 guests with them! It’s a commitment to deal with me for 9 months: my requests for sharing, cross promotion, and support.

Well, I guess moving into a virtual platform is a realization that Files & Film cannot really go extinct. If a gallery won’t invite us inside – we can live on.

Every year after our annual event I immediately use documentation of the event to begin proposing the next year to potential hosts. Venues for 50-65 artists must be booked a year in advance.

Wish me luck for our 2021 Exhibit. Maybe we’ll go bi-annual. Who knows. I’ll do my very best.


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